Two-Headed: Hettie – Reading Up

Head Shot of SerahRose Roth, Executive Director of GAN-e-meed Theatre Project

SerahRose Roth

I read a lot of the bible back in high school but I don’t really remember all that The Book of Mormonmuch other than the stories that every child grows up knowing because they’re impressed into our culture, like Noah’s Arc.  I’ve gotten a few more stories under my belt in the last few years by reading various cultural picture books with my young daughter.  But playing the role of a Mormon woman made me feel like I needed a refresher.  And, frankly, I needed to go to the source.

My bedtime reading has looked something like this for the past two months.

The Book of Mormon

Not really all that thrilling, but not all that boring either.  These are the stories of a People.  And how could the stories of a People really be boring?

I did, however, take some breaks.  Because while I was searching for the basics of Mormon literature, I came across this.  It wasn’t so bad.

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One comment on “Two-Headed: Hettie – Reading Up
  1. Amy S. West says:

    Wow who new Mormon’s could be so interesting. Can’t wait for Two-Headed and really looking forward to reading ‘The Actor and the House Wife’ when you have finished!

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