Staying ahead

Why is it that as artists that it seems like we must work much harder in order to stay in gainful employment? Why must art be less regarded than even manual labor jobs? Not that manual labor jobs aren’t important, but it seems as though artists are always having to adjust for hardship. I mean the term starving artist is not anything new.

Perhaps it is because while nearly everyone enjoys art, they often are not willing to pay people for the amount of work that it costs to produce. In addition to the necessity of creative ability, there is also a very real production cost that uses expensive equipment and people with specific skills that need to get paid for the work that they do.

Reaching an understanding

Fortunately for many artists, there are a number of sites that allow people to contribute money for the content they like without having to filter it through a company or corporation. This allows people a way in which to contribute to the arts without feeling the need that they are supporting the industry as a whole.

Producing independent art is one of those things that people will do for free, just for the passion of it. However, there comes a time in which people must understand that even artists need capital not only because they deserve to be compensated for their work, but they also should not have to pay money out of their own pocket in order to entertain others.

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