Theater for children

A primary topic on this blog is the use of theater for children to learn important skills in school aside from just basic math, reading, and science. Theater teaches children to interact with others and sparks inner creativity. In addition, in younger children, it has been proven that art and theater helps improve motor skills and develop self confidence.

Art allows people to interact with others and build communities of people with like-minded ideas. This allows children to build self confidence and feel like part of a community. And while it may not teach skills for the business world, it teaches valuable lessons that are more difficult to learn without art.

Keep art alive

Art is being removed from a number of schools in favor of more business oriented skills. However, as parents and educators, we must remember that art is not without its benefits. By removing art, you are making it more difficult for students interested in art to pursue their interests, and making it more difficult for some students to connect with others.

By at very least offering more after school art programs, schools can begin to mitigate the budget requirements for arts, while still allowing students to pursue artistic endeavors. It is not until people begin realizing that art is good for much more than entertainment that we can begin to solve the budget problem while still giving students access to the arts. By working together, we can begin to develop strategies that allow us to keep arts alive while still keeping a business oriented lesson plan.

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