Where has theater gone?

In many schools, tight budgets have led art to be cut from many a curriculum. Unfortunately, while for many this is a logical sacrifice, the fact remains that art and theater in particular help enrich the lives of our students and allow us to better connect with others

Theater has a strange way of bringing people together for art appreciation and recanting the tales of times old and new. The stories we see in theater transcend academics and allow us to reach deeper into our own psyche. In some ways, theater is a way in which we are educated on how to be humans, not just members of society.

Bring theater back

Studies have shown that arts, and theater in particular give students the ability to learn skills that they will not get from academics. For example, there are a number of motor skills and social skills that can be obtained from theater that students will not get anywhere else in the classroom.

It pains me to see art being cut from curriculum, mainly because many don’t understand its importance. In order for students to become well-rounded individuals, we must first examine what makes them socially productive and able to express themselves. Theater does this in ways that are far beyond that of ordinary learning.


Art, the obvious cut in school may be more important than we originally thought. In order to maintain our humanity, we must look at art as a way that enriches us, rather than hindering us.

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