1-Page Play Experiment

What is The 1-Page Play Experiment?

Into the beaker we pour a playwright who can think outside the box and create a piece of theatre that is art to hang on the wall, literature to read, and a play to be performed.  Add a single sheet of paper.  Simmer over a Bunsen burner until fire ignites the sky.  Send it off to GAN-e-meed Theatre Project who will curate the top 15 plays.  These top 15 plays will be displayed gallery-style during Not A Box New Play Festival in the Fall of 2012, performed as staged readings with professional theatre artists, and voted on by the audience.  The 5 audience picks will go on to be produced in full during the following season.

Why me?

Playwrights need a little adventure too.  There are only so many 1-minute, 10-minute, and 90-minute plays one can write.  Here’s your chance to go somewhere bold, fast, and colorful.  Take a chance and leap.  Think with your visual brain and see what it does to your writing.  This is, in the end, an experiment.  Why not see what bubbles?



Submission Guidelines – please read all the way through.  we’re nice people, but we stick to them.

Submission Form – you need this puppy to send in with your play.



The 1-Page Play Experiment Youth Division

Open to all young playwrights and artists who can wield a pen, or ipad, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Submission Guidelines_YOUTH – please read all the way through.  they’re important.

Submission Form_YOUTH – you need to send this in with your play.


Hey, my play won last year, where’s all the info for me?

No worries, to our fine feathered winners, we’ll get in touch very soon with all sorts of production info.

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